Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith
Personal Trainer
Health & Wellness Consultant

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Aaron Smith has always been an advocate for health and fitness.

As the CEO of Body Blueprint Aaron is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals by motivating and strategically teaching them what their body needs.  Aaron is a personal trainer and health and wellness consultant. He alsoeducates students at Pasadena City College about health, fitness, disease prevention and disease reversal in a way that is practical but not in textbooks.

Aaron has played sports most of his life. He played football and ran track at Villanova University all four years that he attended there.Therefore, he has always been an advocate for working out and living a healthy lifestyle. However, throughout Aaron’s own personal health and fitness journey he has experienced health challenges which encouraged him to learn more about disease prevention and reversal. He had a bad case of psoriasis over 80% of his body. The medical doctors told him he would have it for life. However, he was able to reverse his condition in 2 ½ weeks by taking a holistic approach to his health. Currently,Aaron assists his clients in achieving their health in fitness goals through weight lost, body sculpting, and sports specific training. Aaron also now incorporates encouraging and educating others on how to prevent and reverse diseases. Aaron’s holistic approach to health involves customize nutrition, supplementation, and the use of medical devices to enhance the body’simmune system, increase energy, and better the bodies performance. These medical devices assist in increasing blood flow, oxygen andhydrating the body the best way possible.

Aaron’s creation of Body Blueprintis enabling him to fulfil his lifelong journey of exceptional health for himself, clients, family, friends, and social media following. He wants to reverse any negative habits that affect the bodies overall health. He believes over time his habits and practices will affect his legacy in a positive way.


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